Embark on a

better night's sleep



With Puppy Mattress, your dog will enjoy benefits

such as bone support, muscle support, and weight

support. Your dog will love their new dog bed so much, there will be no reason to share your bed 

with man's best friend anymore.


Bone and Muscle Support

Proper bone and muscle support from our Puppy Mattresses can prevent any soreness and relieve your dog from any potential pain or discomfort.

Memory Foam


Puppy Mattress offers multiple layers of memory foam, cooling gel, and much more to aid in the comfort of your furry friend.

A Happy and

Healthy Dog

A happy dog starts with a rested dog. We ensure that your pup will wake up every morning ready for their morning game of fetch!

We Cater to dogs of all sizes

Puppy Twin


Puppy Full


Puppy Queen




A New Approach to comfort

Give your dog the pleasure of being on a mattress without having to give up yours. With Puppy Mattress benefits such as bone support, muscle support, and weight support, there is no reason to share your bed with man's best friend anymore. Now everyone can emBark on a better night sleep.

Puppy Mattress was created by dog owners for dog owners. Like most loving dog owners, we want the best for our dogs and feel the quality of the average dog bed lacks the comfort our dogs deserve.

As fate would have it, we have over a decade of experience in the mattress manufacturing industry for humans, so we knew what we had to do: create the world's first premium quality Dog Mattress using standard mattress industry components, such as ultra firm support foam, firm cushion foam, plush comfort foam, and cooling gel memory foam. Plus you get to choose either Bamboo, Organic Cotton, or Hemp for your removable cover!

Within a few short weeks, our friends were requesting a Puppy Mattress for their own dog(s), and now we are proud to offer something truly amazing to all dog owners.

Your dogs are unique, shouldn't their mattress be too?

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