Care Instructions for your Puppy Mattress Dog Bed

Thank you for purchasing a Puppy Mattress, we hope you and your dog will enjoy it for many years to come. Please take the time to read the cleaning and care instructions below to ensure proper care and safety.

Cleaning & Care Instructions

Puppy Mattress Cover: When dirty, please unzip and remove the Bamboo, Organic Cotton or Hemp cover from Puppy Mattress. You may either wash in washing machine & dryer or spot clean using, soap & water, (no bleach) and air dry.

Mattress protector if purchased: Remove outer mattress protector and follow washing instructions.

​NOT intended for use by adults or children.

Pets can chew items unexpectedly.

Remove bed immediately if torn or damaged.

Seek veterinary attention immediately if ANY material is ingested.



Puppy Mattresses are not suitable for children. Always supervise your pet when using this product. Inspect product for damage and discard if any part becomes loose, detached or exposed. Although your Puppy Mattress cover is washable, not all stains can be removed 100%. Be aware your animal may have allergic reactions to the cleaning materials you use. Puppy Mattress always recommends the use of a mattress protector to protect your Puppy Mattress from stains. Puppy Mattress cannot be held responsible for any stains or blemishes if no mattress protector was/is used or improper washing method. While the materials we use are furniture grade, and capable of withstanding some chewing and digging, Puppy Mattresses are not chew or puncture resistant. If your pet is a determined chewer, Puppy Mattress cannot be held responsible for damage to your Puppy Mattress or injury to your pet if any material is ingested. Please seek veterinary attention immediately if any material is ingested.


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